Saturday, November 7, 2009

Music to the ears

Silver City has its many facets, one of them being some very talented artists. In fact, you find artists all over NM, especially in the "City Different". But tonight I had the pleasure to listen to a very talented group of people play what I would call New World music.

It started out with a solo by a guitarist who used Latin influence and his fluency in Spanish to create a magical voice that filled the room with love, soul, and a sense of peace about the world.

Event though the topic was realistic, it was a classic blend of acoustic guitar and stories about his journeys through out the world. The cold clear New Mexico night with stars shining bright was the back drop for a wonderful evening full of lovely sonar vibrations.

The Wherehouse was filled with a down to earth group of folks who enjoyed being together, hanging out, and listening to some nice vibes. I hadn't been to such nice music since I went to some fiddle players, a lovely flute player accompanying some poets and some south Indian music that chanted all the way to heaven.

A combination of Arabic songs, Brazilian balads, and Buena Vista Social Club genre led to a very nice evening of dancing. Arriving at the venue there were probably less than 100 people in a fairly large room. Donations were accepted and $5.00 was the acceptable price to hear some great musicians play and for an extra dollar you could have a home made cookie too. I got two cookies and was real happy.


  1. Ooooooh.... I hear echoes of (musical poetic) "us" in your mind.... this makes us happy from afar... !

  2. I thought of all the beautiful music I heard back at your place -- especially a lovely flute and south Indian

  3. I remember the natives of Santa Fe gathering over hot chile, guitars and singing, mostly in Spanish--Good memories.